SpringHarbor Hospital

SpringHarbor Hospital Web Banner Campaign

This web banner showcased Spring Harbor Hospital's newest treatment programs. Contracted by Spark Creative, this web banner showcased their diversity within the mental health industry.

This client needed an attention-grabbing way to briefly announce new mental health treatment programs and encourage Web site visitors to ask for more information. In partnership with Spark Creative , I created a Flash-animated ad that resembled a short video clip running to the left of relevant body copy. We saved the client money by using existing photography and specific fonts/type treatment from recently printed brochures.

Spring Harbor Annual Report

A great example of an alternate solution to a printed annual report.... HD Video / Interactive Website. A video-based electronic Annual Report showcasing candid, heartfelt interviews that helped drive home the client's key brand messaging.

Spring Harbor Hospital wanted their Annual Report to work harder for them, giving donors and the community a true picture of how the important work they are doing in the field of mental health really touches people's lives. 423interactive worked with the agency of record to help create a video-based Annual Report, in which current and past patients of Spring Harbor discussed their experiences at the hospital. These candid, heartfelt interviews helped drive home the message that Spring Harbor helps patients “find the strength within”.

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