423interactive is me, Thomas P. Scola Jr... multimedia designer specializing in user friendly websites, dynamic multimedia solutions, content management systems (Drupal), SEM tracking solutions and robust marketing campaigns.

Here's My Biography - Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, I moved to Portland Maine in 1995 upon enrolling in the Maine College of Art. There, I earned a BFA with a focus in Information Architecture and Digital Media Production. I have a solid background in website & Multimedia design, organization & production. I work on the Mac platform and foster an extensive knowledge of Apple & Adobe's Design Suites. I am technically adept and learn new software quickly.

  • After completing my degree, I worked for three of the top agencies in the Boston area, which gave me a depth of experience working with clients both large and small to formulate effective and breakthrough creative solutions.
  • More than 11 years of experience in the field of marketing strategy, graphic design and website / multimedia organization and production.
  • Involved in marketing campaigns for clients such as Microsoft, IBM, General Motors and Verizon, McDonalds, Green Mountain Coffee, Dean Foods, Gorton's Seafood, Genuity, Three Olives Vodka, Concord TrailWays, NuImage Awnings, Home Depot, Lowe's and many others.
  • Proficient in Mac software including: Adobe CS, Apple's FinalCut Suite , CMS Software - Drupal, XHTML , CSS , Knowledge of PHP, jquery
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art in 1999, with a focus in Design, Information Architecture & Digital Media Production.
  • Co-Manager of the Portland Maine Drupal User Group