Flash Design & Development

General Motors CUV Advertising

A series of web banners for General Motors Certified Used Vehicles that relate to the college target group. Nominated for Boston's "Hatch Awards", a series of banners for General Motors Certified Used Vehicles.I was tasked to produce a series of banners to be placed on websites with high levels of college student traffic, such as www.collegeclub.com. The plan was to produce 3 Flash banners with custom animation. The concept was to produced them to have a "Soulth Park" feel. These fun banners has such a very high click-through-rate. The client ended up re-used these banners for 2 more rounds of media.

Mangosoft MangoMind

A Flash-based presentation with a professional voice over to launch Mangosoft's product MangoMind.The client, Mangosoft was launching another networking solution and needed a presentation to explain the complexity of the product. My plan was to use Flash and a custom voice-over, to produce a 3 minute demo for MangoSoft. At the time, I was working on Mullen's Interactive Department's Production Team.


MangoSoft CashLink

A Flash presentation with professional voice over to launch Mangosoft's CashLink software.Client Request:Mangosoft, a software development company was in need for a presentation to introduce CachLink, their network cach solution for small to medium size companies.Solution:A Flash-based movie that used one light weight SWF to load multiple smaller files. This product launch was a large piece of the client's marketing material. This was produced while working for Mullen Advertising's Interactive Production Team.


Pontiac Aztek Launch

Flash movie with microsite built for the launch of Pontiac's Aztek. This was one of the first Flash projects I was involved in with a major client like Pontiac. Produced while working with Mullen Advertising's Interactive Department.I was asked to produce an online micro-ad for the launch of the Aztek. I pushed the evolution of the creative conception around a 2 Minute flash movie with small micro-site linking to Pontiac and GM websites.


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