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SoyKaas Launches New WebSite

My job get's easy when working for great clients. We had the pleasure to build a new web presence for their soy cheese.

PanosBrands came to Rinck Advertising for a re-branding of their whole line of products. Soykaas was the first to be focused on. Based mostly on some great recipes and product photography, this site has taste appeal. I used jquery for the homepage roll-overs as well as some interior section sliders and panels.


Cleveland Communications Re-Designs In Style

Back in spring, Rinck Advertising launched another truly branded website. I was on the team that produced this site for Cleveland Communications. I was the lead developer on this website with my hands deep in the custom css we provided. I love working with great designers / creative!

The client needed a redesign of their online presence. We needed to match the site's look and feel to Cleveland's top notch reputation. We are talking about supreme consumer appeal! Enjoy each sections color coordinated design with carefully chosen image. Using Drupal CMS to provide the base framework for the site, we customized the fusion theme to the max.

Rinck Advertising - Full Service Creative Agency

In October of '08 I was hired as a Digital Manager for Rinck Advertising in Auburn Maine. Along with maintaining their existing client base, building a new online brand for the company was a major priority. Using Joomla as a CMS and a team of talented professionals, this site has Won numerous awards including a Silver - WC3 and a Gold -Golden Arrow Award.

As a full time employee, I was in-charge of overseeing the production of this site. This was a team effort, my role was producing the theme along with the information architecture. I continue to maintain the on-going efforts for this site as well as the Search Engine Optimization.

Maryanne Comaroto Live

I was hired by well known relationship expert & book author, Maryanne Comaroto to develop a custom online presence. Working with small west coast marketing firm to help develop content. I provided a full web solution and 2 years of on-going maintenance.

I was asked to build a custom CMS solution with consulting on page layouts, information architecture and on-going support/training. Goal was to manage the clients needs with-in their budget. Using Joomla CMS, I was able to build a community for Maryanne to post podcast, streaming video, blog and communicate to her fans. This was a great relationship and lasted over 2 and half years.

eMaineAutos Header

This short Flash banner for the top of, local used car resource. Developed to easily swap out car photos and text animation.

The Sun Journal hired me to build out a 5-second Flash banner to display at the top of eMaineAutos. Using the photoshop designs they provided showing the rest of the site, I designed and developed this simple flash header.

HMG Search

I produced two XHTML landing pages with email submittable forms for Harvey Marketing Group's. Chris Trafford contracted me to design and develop an online marketing campaign for Harvey Marketing Group.

The client needed two landing pages, both with an email form to gather the essential information. A quick design and off I was cutting. This table-less design uses css and a few graphics to deliver a landing page for HMG's Google Adwords campaign . I continues to be an intricate part of small business marketing and development.


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