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Cleveland Communications Re-Designs In Style

Back in spring, Rinck Advertising launched another truly branded website. I was on the team that produced this site for Cleveland Communications. I was the lead developer on this website with my hands deep in the custom css we provided. I love working with great designers / creative!

The client needed a redesign of their online presence. We needed to match the site's look and feel to Cleveland's top notch reputation. We are talking about supreme consumer appeal! Enjoy each sections color coordinated design with carefully chosen image. Using Drupal CMS to provide the base framework for the site, we customized the fusion theme to the max.

Why Don't You Try It Hot!

<p>While working full time at Rinck Advertising, I was on the team that produced and maintains this promotional Web site. Supporting Dean Food&#39;s winter promotion &quot;Try It Hot&quot; with a slick branded Web site.</p><p>Dean foods owns an number of dairy brands and many of them have a number of flavored milks. In the winter months they run a promotion called &quot;Try It Hot&quot; that suggest for consumers to heat up their favorite flavored milk to have a rich, warm beverage in the winter months.&nbsp;Rinck&#39;s strategic suggestion was to create a quick micro-site for this promotion. We can then create feature boxes to link to all the alternative dairy brands that Dean Foods owns. This site has a strong resemblance to the POS and has shown great success in traffic and press opportunities.</p>


TruMoo Chocolate Milk Website

While working full time at Rinck Advertising, I was on the team that produced this site for Garelick Farms and their new product, TruMoo Chocolate Milk. The site has shown great success with search engine optimization as well as traffic.

The client needed an online presence for this new brand of Chocolate Milk. We were provided the POS to use as a base for the design. Using Drupal CMS to provide a base for the site, we customized a theme that matched the POS material as well as complimenting the TV campaign.


Rinck Advertising - Full Service Creative Agency

In October of '08 I was hired as a Digital Manager for Rinck Advertising in Auburn Maine. Along with maintaining their existing client base, building a new online brand for the company was a major priority. Using Joomla as a CMS and a team of talented professionals, this site has Won numerous awards including a Silver - WC3 and a Gold -Golden Arrow Award.

As a full time employee, I was in-charge of overseeing the production of this site. This was a team effort, my role was producing the theme along with the information architecture. I continue to maintain the on-going efforts for this site as well as the Search Engine Optimization.

4tell Solutions

4tell™ Solutions, a Sustainable Performance Governance Solutions was ready to update their static website. Through a referral, they contact me to consult on the production of their new website. I worked with their team to develop a framework for the marketing team to promote 4tell™'s products and solutions.

4tell™ was in need for a designer/developer to help engineer the foundation for their future online efforts. They are mostly a .net environment but wanted a clean CMS for development that their A.E. and Project managers could be trained to maintain updates. Drupal gave us the environment we needed to control the permissions and allow certain users to access only their sections of the site to update. Working with 4tell™'s Chief Marking Manager to develop the existing look.


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