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Local Blasting Company Get's New Web Presence

McGoldrick Bros. needed a web presence to compete with even today's contractors. They expressed the need for a photo gallery as well as a Request For Proposal form.

A local Windham Maine company asked me to build them a small website that they could edit themselves. They had plans to build more, but need a base to work off of. I suggested drupal would be a perfect solution for them. I set up the initial framework as well as the simple design. This website will grow over time and I will be there to help along the way.

4tell Solutions

4tell™ Solutions, a Sustainable Performance Governance Solutions was ready to update their static website. Through a referral, they contact me to consult on the production of their new website. I worked with their team to develop a framework for the marketing team to promote 4tell™'s products and solutions.

4tell™ was in need for a designer/developer to help engineer the foundation for their future online efforts. They are mostly a .net environment but wanted a clean CMS for development that their A.E. and Project managers could be trained to maintain updates. Drupal gave us the environment we needed to control the permissions and allow certain users to access only their sections of the site to update. Working with 4tell™'s Chief Marking Manager to develop the existing look.

NuImage Awnings Website

This web site has reached phenomenal heights in sales and customer feedback. For years I was the Interactive / Web Designer for FutureGuard, an awning manufacturer in Auburn, Maine. In 2004 My co-owned company, FLUXdevelopment, LLC. closed its doors to join FurtureGuard's in-house marketing team. As one of the leading companies in the awning industry with nationally-known partners such as HomeDepot and Lowe's.

Futureguard needed a one-stop-shop for everything from web design to digital video / DVD production. Someone to lead the in-house design and marketing on their retail website. From design to develop. This is a full ecommerce solution, which has lead to amazing sales growth as the site reaches the over 4 million dollar sales mark in its very first 3 years of operation.

Synergent's EBrief Email Campaign

I produced five skinned versions of the same template for Synergent's Email Marketing Campaign.

To design and develop an email marketing campaign for Synergent that could be easily edited for the different departments and promotions.I developed 5 different templates, one for each department. Using the well organized CSS and validated XHTML architecture, the client was able to easily duplicate and update the page for future promotions.

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