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Indoor Plant Kingdom Website

IPK is opening up a brick-and-mortar store in Portland Maine. But before they go through the process of renting a space and setting up a store, they decided to build out an online presence to start. They contracted me to build a foundation for them to build and maintain themselves without an in-house developer.

Client needed a developer to help build out an e-commerce website. The brick-and-mortar store will be opening soon, but wanted to start online orders. Using Joomla and the open-source shopping cart Virtuemart, I developed an eCommerce website for IPK to sell their products. This gave the client the option to set up shopping promotions, discount coupons and wholesale groups. The client now maintains the website and is in the process of adding more content to the site. This site is live, but still in the beginning stages of development.

GROfoods Cafe Website

GRO recently opened up in Portland Maine. Building the presents in Portland, a great city for food and culture is a challenging within itself. They contracted me to build a community website for them to build and maintain and GRO without an in-house developer.

Client needed a developer to help build out a community website with an e-commerce component. They needed to advertise their cooking classes and restaurant promotions. Using Joomla to produce a full community website, I built a presence for GRO to promote their products and drive customers to the restaurant. The client now maintains the website and is in the process of adding more content to the site. This site is live, but still in the beginning stages of development. Watch this site as it develops into a wealth or information.

Found Animals

Contracted by The SOAP Group in Portland, Maine to build out an online brand for Found Animals Foundation. This is a worthy cause, dedicated to minimizing shelter euthanasia. Found Animals creates programs designed to reduce shelter intake, increase live release rates. It was a pleasure working with the SOAP team and for a great client.

Asked to consult on a new website for an innovative animal foundation. They needed a dynamic website to help drive their donations and be a resource for alternative information on neutering and spaying. My solution was to work with the SOAP team to create a strong online presence and a great foundation to build off of. Joomla allowed the client to maintain the website with news updates and press releases.

Franklin Printing Press

Consulting on the production of this well known Maine Printing Company. This simple site has a clean look and feel with an easy-to-use FTP upload form. This site is a promotional tool for Franklin, but is primarily a part of their every day business.

Spark Creative needed an assistance on producing a CMS site for a printing company with the ability to upload large documents while maintaining their long standing brand. Our solution was a quick design session with the client and a couple days of solid development. The theme/template was simple but right on and the client was ready to launch.

Group Dynamic

Contracted by Spark Creative to co-produce the redesign of the Group Dynamic website. Joomla was the solution that allowed us to train the client to update and maintain the website without having an in-house developer on staff.

Spark Creative needed someone to consult on the production of this website. The design would be a collaborative effort the client, Spark and myself. They requested the site be "dynamic" and clean for their user base. A custom theme and styled components is what makes this site stand out from others. The clean content architecture lets users find the information and forms needed to process their claims. Taking the time to learn the business helped us build a usable site.


Marcaroni Kids

Brought in as a clean up pitcher in the 9th. The team needed someone to touch up the CSS and quickly learn pieces of the Django/Python framework. Quickly picking up the command lines I needed let me dive into the existing code. This was a great test for quickly learning new environments and pushing my skill level.

I was contracted to finish the last 25% of a site in development. There was a quick 72 hour turn around by the time I was contacted. My solution included 3 late nights and almost 50 hours of work in 3 days. We were able to launch on time while learning the beginning of a new development language.

Drink Less Sugar

Contacted by Spark Creative and Maddie's Beverage Company to produce a beverage review website. Built in Joomla, Spark Creative contracted me to produce a fun, colorful website for parents to view while educating themselves on the amount of sugar content in most kids juice boxes and pouches.

A website that would educate parents while making them laugh! A simple template would not due.. they needed a custom theme that did not look any other Joomla site. In partnership with Chris Trafford & Spark Creative, we started with an installation of Joomla 1.5 and a custom web 2.0 template. Simple design and color pallet with a custom animated rating system. Client can update / add new beverages, manage comments and users.

eMaineAutos Header

This short Flash banner for the top of, local used car resource. Developed to easily swap out car photos and text animation.

The Sun Journal hired me to build out a 5-second Flash banner to display at the top of eMaineAutos. Using the photoshop designs they provided showing the rest of the site, I designed and developed this simple flash header.

EnviroLogix CD-Rom

A presentation system for Envirologix sales team which features their unique agricultural testing kits. A sales and training video presentation with a unique and sophisticated user interface that allows desktop management of individual video segments, allowing users to play all or part of the presentation in their preferred order.

EnviroLogix is a biotechnology company that makes diagnostic test kits for the food production industry that combine sophisticated science with ease-of-use. EnviroLogix needed a way to illustrate their scientific savvy and innovation, while training customers with little or no scientific background on how to use the diagnostics. Using a combination of video footage, Flash animation and a detailed user interface, 423interactive worked with the client and agency to create a series of presentations that simplified hundreds of pages of PowerPoint presentations previously in use. The end result is over 30 minutes of various video presentations that can be selectively viewed through the user interface, depending on the needs of the presenter and audience.


Three Olives Vodka - Secondary Promo

 A Flash-animated CD-Rom designed to be played on monitors in selected liquor stores across the nation. This is the second of two versions for Maine's WhiteRock Distilleriers and their nationally-distributed Three Olives Vodka brand.

Three Olives Vodka is a small, nationally-distributed vodka brand that was poised for growth. With the launch of a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign, Three Olives needed a powerful way to tell its “up and coming” story to wholesale spirits buyers. In partnership with Three Olives' agency of record, Swardlick Marketing Group, I created an audio-visual presentation that brought the print advertising campaign to life while outlining the media buy and all promotional support, using a combination of video, stills and custom animation.


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