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Maryanne Comaroto Live

I was hired by well known relationship expert & book author, Maryanne Comaroto to develop a custom online presence. Working with small west coast marketing firm to help develop content. I provided a full web solution and 2 years of on-going maintenance.

I was asked to build a custom CMS solution with consulting on page layouts, information architecture and on-going support/training. Goal was to manage the clients needs with-in their budget. Using Joomla CMS, I was able to build a community for Maryanne to post podcast, streaming video, blog and communicate to her fans. This was a great relationship and lasted over 2 and half years.

Maine Voice Center Web Site

Contacted by Spark Creative and The Maine Voice Center to produce a simple brochure website. Built in Joomla, Spark Creative contracted 423 to produce a small 5 page brochure website.

A new website that would not look dated in a few years. In partnership with Chris Trafford & Spark Creative, I developed a custom web 2.0 template for Joomla 1.5.

More Than Basic, LLC Website

This is a great example of a small brochure website, built for a southern Maine framing / construction company. More Than Basic Construction works with residential and commercial properties and specializes in everything from simple framing to general contracting. This site is a basic brochure website with a simple .asp contact form to ease communication and the quoting process.

More Than Basic Construction needed a way to get the word about regarding their many skills and services. With an audience as diverse as individual homeowners to developers and other contractors, a comprehensive Web site was the best way to reach as many people as possible.

NuImagePRO Website

This website provides NuImage awning dealer a network of information on all their shade products. This Licensed Dealer web site for NuImage Awnings allows dealers to manage sales leads and materials online, while potential customers quickly and easily locate their local dealers. This site has not been redesigned in a while and is overdue. We are in the process of developing the second version in Drupal CMS.

While working there full time, Future Guard needed a solution for dealers to communicate with corporate. NuImage Awnings needed a cost-effective way to communication with and connect customers to their licensed dealers all over the country. We produced a website / interface for pricing and orders to be maintained and archived.

NuImage Awnings Website

This web site has reached phenomenal heights in sales and customer feedback. For years I was the Interactive / Web Designer for FutureGuard, an awning manufacturer in Auburn, Maine. In 2004 My co-owned company, FLUXdevelopment, LLC. closed its doors to join FurtureGuard's in-house marketing team. As one of the leading companies in the awning industry with nationally-known partners such as HomeDepot and Lowe's.

Futureguard needed a one-stop-shop for everything from web design to digital video / DVD production. Someone to lead the in-house design and marketing on their retail website. From design to develop. This is a full ecommerce solution, which has lead to amazing sales growth as the site reaches the over 4 million dollar sales mark in its very first 3 years of operation.

SpringHarbor Hospital Web Banner Campaign

This web banner showcased Spring Harbor Hospital's newest treatment programs. Contracted by Spark Creative, this web banner showcased their diversity within the mental health industry.

This client needed an attention-grabbing way to briefly announce new mental health treatment programs and encourage Web site visitors to ask for more information. In partnership with Spark Creative , I created a Flash-animated ad that resembled a short video clip running to the left of relevant body copy. We saved the client money by using existing photography and specific fonts/type treatment from recently printed brochures.

BioDefense Promotional Video


This DVD has been distributed to potential customers all over the world, from as far away as China to a showing at the White House. This project was built from start to finnish in 2 days on an incredibly tight budget. With the budgetary constraints of a start-up firm and the ambitions of a global company, BioDefense needed a way to tell the story of their breakthrough product, a device designed to decontaminate harmful substances from the mail, and designed to be marketed to businesses and government organizations around the world.


Microsoft .Net Facility Brief

This is the second project I co-managed and co-produced for Microsoft's .NET Facility Brief while the Design Team Leader at Boston's POPstick.Develop an email marketing campaign to launch the Microsoft .NET platform. A flash movie to excite users to RSVP to the event and forward to a friend. This 2 minute flash movie was mailed to the top 200 CEO's of major corporations with a 87% click-through-rate and a 60% Forward-To-A-Friend click-through. I also co-managed all work-flow for this project while working as a Lead Designer at POPstick in Boston. 


Microsoft Van Presentation

This is a digital invitation to an event held by Microsoft & Van Virtual Network. The presentation has capability to track visits, RSVP to event, and forward to friend. This is just one of many POPgrams we created for Microsoft while I was the Design Team Leader at POPstick in Boston, MA.Develop an email marketing campaign to launch the Microsoft .NET platform. A flash movie to excite users to RSVP to the event and forward to a friend. One of many POPgrams we created for Microsoft while I was the Design Team Leader at POPstick in Boston, MA.

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