Why Don't You Try It Hot!

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<p>While working full time at Rinck Advertising, I was on the team that produced and maintains this promotional Web site. Supporting Dean Food&#39;s winter promotion &quot;Try It Hot&quot; with a slick branded Web site.</p><p>Dean foods owns an number of dairy brands and many of them have a number of flavored milks. In the winter months they run a promotion called &quot;Try It Hot&quot; that suggest for consumers to heat up their favorite flavored milk to have a rich, warm beverage in the winter months.&nbsp;Rinck&#39;s strategic suggestion was to create a quick micro-site for this promotion. We can then create feature boxes to link to all the alternative dairy brands that Dean Foods owns. This site has a strong resemblance to the POS and has shown great success in traffic and press opportunities.</p>

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