EnviroLogix CD-Rom

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A presentation system for Envirologix sales team which features their unique agricultural testing kits. A sales and training video presentation with a unique and sophisticated user interface that allows desktop management of individual video segments, allowing users to play all or part of the presentation in their preferred order.

EnviroLogix is a biotechnology company that makes diagnostic test kits for the food production industry that combine sophisticated science with ease-of-use. EnviroLogix needed a way to illustrate their scientific savvy and innovation, while training customers with little or no scientific background on how to use the diagnostics. Using a combination of video footage, Flash animation and a detailed user interface, 423interactive worked with the client and agency to create a series of presentations that simplified hundreds of pages of PowerPoint presentations previously in use. The end result is over 30 minutes of various video presentations that can be selectively viewed through the user interface, depending on the needs of the presenter and audience.

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