Online Advertising

SpringHarbor Hospital Web Banner Campaign

This web banner showcased Spring Harbor Hospital's newest treatment programs. Contracted by Spark Creative, this web banner showcased their diversity within the mental health industry.

This client needed an attention-grabbing way to briefly announce new mental health treatment programs and encourage Web site visitors to ask for more information. In partnership with Spark Creative , I created a Flash-animated ad that resembled a short video clip running to the left of relevant body copy. We saved the client money by using existing photography and specific fonts/type treatment from recently printed brochures.

Pontiac Aztek Launch

Flash movie with microsite built for the launch of Pontiac's Aztek. This was one of the first Flash projects I was involved in with a major client like Pontiac. Produced while working with Mullen Advertising's Interactive Department.I was asked to produce an online micro-ad for the launch of the Aztek. I pushed the evolution of the creative conception around a 2 Minute flash movie with small micro-site linking to Pontiac and GM websites.

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