Soundtrack Design

Pinnacle Vodka Promotional DVD

A DVD loop that will display on a TV at liqueur stores across the nation. In partnership with Spark Creative to build a DVD loop of the 15 different flavors of Pinnacle Vodka.

White Rock Distributors & Pinnacle Vodka had an opportunity to place a display with a flat screen tv in major liqueur stores across the nation. The DVD would have to loop both the audio and video while engaging the viewers to try the new flavors. I worked with partner Chris Trafford from Spark Creative to create an animated DVD. Using Apple's Motion, a custom soundtrack and a few photos from the client, we created a great showcase of the new flavors.

Camp All-Star DVD

Here's a great example of a full DVD production including two 9-minute and two 3-minute HD Videos. DVDs created as sell pieces for families of potential campers at an overnight sports camp, including two 9-minute and two 3-minute HD Videos.

Camp All-Star is an overnight co-ed summer camp focused on sports and other athletic activities designed to instill strong core values and self-confidence in campers. The client wanted a dynamic way to showcase the two beautiful campuses located in Tennessee and Maine and to illustrate the safe, nurturing environments and amenities offered by both. I worked with my partner Spark Creative to create a 9-minute video for each location, as well as a 3-minute “message from the owner” segment. Hours of footage were shot in both locations, including underwater video and both indoor and outdoor activities. DVDs will be distributed to families of potential campers all over the U.S.

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